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Watch strap 21mm orange silicone retro racing look with EASY-CLICK (width of buckle 18 mm)

Watch strap 21mm orange silic...
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Watch strap

Watch strap "Agueda" 18-20-22-24mm multiple ends ...
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Watch strap 18-22mm stainless steel black multiple ends with security clasp by EULIT

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1 Pair Spring Bars suitable depending on selection for lug widths 6-24mm (regular sizes)

1 Pair Spring Bars suitable depending on selectio...
1 Pair of spring bars for watch straps (regular sizes) Material stainless steel Sizes available: 6 - 24 mm lug widths...

Price: 1.00 EUR End Price excl. Shipping - more...

HIRSCH Leonardo

Information and Assembly Guide

1. General

Watch bands of the HIRSCH Leonardo collection combine athletic elegance and aesthetics as well as high quality materials and first class processing with the innovation of the integrated attachments for watch cases. In contrast to conventional watch bands the Leonardo bracelet connects with the watch case as if it is specifically made for your watch. This union between bracelet and watch creates a single piece of art, a beautifully rounded unit that fits perfectly around your wrist and thus enhances the aesthetic character of your watch.

Because of the flexible insert system Leonardo watch bands are suitable for various watches with round watch cases, as the distance and the height of the watch band in relation to the watch case is adjustable. This flexibility of a watch strap is unique and only possible with a HIRSCH Leonardo watch band.

Hirsch Leonardo Watch Bands

2. Construction and functionality of the Leonardo band attachment

The Leonardo band attachment (soft insert) is injection moulded from elastic plastic. Because of the elasticity of the material this part can be adjusted to various radii of different watch cases. The shape of the attachment extends under the case and prevents any slipping through.

Integrated into the band attachment is an insert (hard insert) which can be removed and guarantees the ideal distance between watch band and watch case because of various possibilities for positioning.

There are 8 different positioning possibilities for the spring bar as there are two opposite bores in the hard insert. The position of the bores change, depending on the turn, in steps of 0,5 mm. The distance from where the Leonardo bracelet is attached to the spring bar ranges from 4,5 mm to 5,5 mm (with +/- 0,5 mm tolerance). If the distance of the bore to the inside of the leg on the watch exceeds these dimensions, the Leonardo watch band no longer fits.

Hirsch Leonardo 1
Hirsch Leonardo 2
Hirsch Leonardo 3
Hirsch Leonardo 4
3. Determination of the insert position

In the first step you need to determine the position of the hard insert in relation to the watch case. With the HIRSCH Leonardo Instrumento this can be done quite easily.

Hirsch Leonardo watch bands fitting

Attach the Instrumento with the correct attachment in the respective width to the watch case. The two pins of the Instrumento insert indicate the possible position of the spring bar of the Leonardo watch band.

Hirsch Leonardo watch bands use of tool

If none of the pins are suitable for the bores in the watch case in the current position, they can be adjusted in their position (distance and height) by removing, turning and reinserting the insert of the Instrumento. By turning the insert the distance will be changed horizontally and vertically in steps of 0,5 mm resp. 0,1 mm.

4. Assembly of the watch band
Hirsch Leonardo watch bands 1
Hirsch Leonardo watch bands 2
Hirsch Leonardo watch bands 3
Hirsch Leonardo watch bands 4

After finding the correct position of the insert (pins either up/down or front/back) remove the hard insert of the Leonardo watch band by pushing from the left to the right.

Bring this hard insert now in the same position (marked I, II, III, IIII on the insert) as the insert of the Instrumento and reinsert it into the Leonardo watch band from the right to the left.

Now insert spring bar (1,5mm) in one of the two bores (depending what pin of the Instrumento simulated the correct position). The same position is of course suitable for both pieces of the watch band.

You can now attach both pieces of the watch band easily to the watch case with a spring bar tool.

5. What watches do Hirsch Leonardo fit?

Leonardo watch bands are suitable for watches of the following brands: Binda - Breitling - Calvin Klein - Festina - IWC - Jacques Lemans - Omega - Rolex - Seiko - Tissot etc. (depending on model).

Leonardo watch bands are not suitable for angular watches, watches with screwable pins, watches with curved spring bars and watches with bevelled edges.

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