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How a Watch Strap is made... an example we'll use an Ostrich Leather Watch Strap from BARINGTON. The brand BARINGTON uses the traditions of EULIT-Werk Staude & Co. KG from Baveria, Germany to create high quality Leather Watch Straps.

By looking at this example you will see how many steps are involved in manufacturing a quality leather watch strap. The products quality is obviously also influenced by the pedigree of the leather used and where it comes from. We therefore especially recommend watch straps made in Europe.

1. The Leather

High Quality Leather for watch straps

Select a high quality leather upper - eg. Ostrich Leather

2. The Parts

Parts of a leather watch strap

Padding (Inners), buckle parts, leather uppers and underside, stencil-cutters for both parts of Watch Strap and loops

3. The Loops

The parts of the loops or keepers for watch straps

I. Press: Heat seal the leather uppers and underside together
II. Press: Close the sides
III. Secure the loops together with a stitch

4. Mark out the Leather Uppers

Marking out the leather for watch straps

5. Press Leather Underside

Mark out the underside leather for watch straps

6. Press Piece with Holes

Press the piece with holes

... from leather upper, padding and underside

7. Press Buckle Piece

Press the buckle piece

... from leather upper, padding and underside, attach first loop

8. Stitch Buckle and Hole Pieces

Stitched buckle and hole pieces

9. Finish, add Holes and Buckle slits

Finishing the watch strap manufacture

Tie off the loose threads, add holes and slits for the buckle, dye/colour the sides

10. Stamp

Stamp the watch strap with the logos

Stamp Origin, Material and Size on the reverse side of the band. Add the second loop

11. Buckle

Add a buckle to finish the watch strap

...complete the Watch Strap with a high quality buckle

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